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Alicee (wowstead)

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re: Re: Gavnel Sunderland


Excellent, very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Gavnel (wowstead)

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re: Gavnel Sunderland


Name: [char]Gavnel[/char] Sunderland
Nickname: Gav
Gender: Male
Class: Rogue
Physical Appearance:
[char]Gavnel[/char] Sunderland is a tall (6 feet, 3 inches) undead rogue with broad shoulders. His height sometimes seems to be greater than that of most of his kind, but in reality it's just because he doesn't constantly slouch like most Forsaken (although he's known to fall into the habit periodically). [char]Gavnel[/char] has survived the grave with most of his body intact, but decay is still apparent on his form; his toes have lost their flesh and his fingers have lost all flesh above the first knuckle. It has also dropped off from elbows and knees due to the frequency of their flexing, making even the necrotic magic holding back his rotting fail. While rather gaunt, [char]Gavnel[/char]'s body isn't so decomposed to lose much of his muscle tone (what's left of his muscles, anyway) His skin coloration is deathly pale with a slight greenish tinge to it. Strangely, however, the skin on his lower jaw has become discolored to a dark gray.

Again going outside the norm of many of his Forsaken bretheren, [char]Gavnel[/char] keeps his appearance and clothing in good condition, actually going so far as to bathe occasionally and to keep his shoulder-length hair combed. He dresses, like most of his profession, in dark colors like gray, black, dark green and brown.

Ideology: In life, [char]Gavnel[/char] was like most humans, a follower of The Light. As a Forsaken, he is unsure where exactly he fits into the great scheme of things now. He'd been told all his life that the undead were shunned by The Light, but he doesn't understand how anything good could hold something against you that you didn't bring on yourself. At this point, [char]Gavnel[/char] is what you might call a "lapsed" follower of The Light. He doesn't openly practice any form of worship, but he continues to shun what he considers to be truly evil.

Personal History: [char]Gavnel[/char] Sunderland was born in Lorderon before its fall. His parentage was unknown and the boy grew up mostly in the Lorderon orphanage. One day, while the Darkmoone Fair was in town, [char]Gavnel[/char] was entranced by the amazing sights of the celebration. He decided then and there he wanted to experience the life of a traveling performer; when the orphanage matron did a head count upon returning, she found one less mouth to feed as Gavnell had run away to join the fair.

For many years [char]Gavnel[/char] traveled with Darkmoone and his troupe. He worked for a time as a carnie before he was allowed to start training under the performers. The fair acrobat and knife-thrower caught his attention the most; from them [char]Gavnel[/char] trained in the arts of using short blades and agile movements. As he gained the artists' confidence, he found his two teachers were former thieves and convinced them to teach him the arts of subtlety and shadow.

Several years passed as [char]Gavnel[/char] grew. But as he reached adulthood, he found his thoughts constantly wandering back to Lordaeron. He began to miss the familiar streets and faces, so he made his farewells with the Darkmoone Fair and returned home.

Life back in Lordaeron wasn't as easy as [char]Gavnel[/char] had hoped. While he was glad to be back among his familiar surroundings, he now had no means of legitimately supporting himself. So he turned to using his well-learned talents for thievery to become a pickpocket and housebreaker.

[char]Gavnel[/char] may have carried on this way for some time, but for a strange twist of circumstance. One night, [char]Gavnel[/char] broke into a nobleman's home. He was rummaging in the nobleman's wardrobe, looking for jewelry, when he heard sounds echoing from somewhere bellow. He eventually tracked the sounds down to the basement of the house, where he caught the noble in the midst of a demonic rite; the noble was a member of The Cult of The Damned.

[char]Gavnel[/char] surprised the nobleman in the middle of his rite, attacking him and starting such a fight that it roused the city guard. When the arrived at the basement, [char]Gavnel[/char] was pulling his dagger from the nobleman's side. He was quickly arrested, but ample evidence was discovered to prove his story.

[char]Gavnel[/char] spent a time in the Lordaeron prison until he was approached by the captain of the Lordaeron Guard. The rogue was given a choice; spend several years in prison for thievery or work as a spy and infiltrator for the kingdom. [char]Gavnel[/char] quickly took the latter offer and spent the next two years routing out members of The Cult of The Damned, often taking the time to line his pockets with the members' gold before turning them in.

[char]Gavnel[/char] felt he'd finally come into his calling, but life, sadly, often surprises you in unpleasant ways. One night the rogue heard of a large, secret meeting of the cult being held in a far-off, abandoned graveyard. Disguising himself as a member, [char]Gavnel[/char] infiltrated the meeting. The rogue's cover was blown when one member recognized him from a raid on a previous meeting. [char]Gavnel[/char] fought hard to escape, but in the end the cult brought him down.

How much time passed afterwards, [char]Gavnel[/char] is unsure. His first memories after losing consciousness during the fight with the cult are of weightless drifting, then a sudden, agonizingly painful feeling that he attributes to his soul being forced back into his dead body. When he opened his eyes, he found himself moving without wanting to, in a place he didn't recognize, surrounded by the walking dead. Looking down at himself, [char]Gavnel[/char] was shocked and appalled to see that his body was partly rotted; he was one of the undead too. The rogue found out all too soon what his horrifying situation was; he was now one of the minions of the Lich King, one of The Scourge. A prisoner in his own body, Gavnell tried in vain to take control of his own limbs, but it was hopeless; Arthas controlled him like a puppet.

For longer than Ganvel cares to remember, his existence became one of horror, agony and sorrow. He had to watch helplessly as his body was used as a weapon of slaughter. He was used to kill men, women and children of all races all while he screamed in defiance in his mind, trying again and again to fight the undeniable control of his bloodstained hands.

[char]Gavnel[/char] had never been a stranger to fighting, or even to killing, but the killing of innocent people drove him to the brink of madness. He watched in horror as the Scourge swarmed over the Sunwell and drove the Sin'dorei to the brink of anhiliation. Eventually, [char]Gavnel[/char] lapsed into a sort of a coma, his soul exhausted from the unending horror he was forced to take part in. He barely recognized his old home when he marched with the Scourge he was stationed with back to Lordaeron. There he patrolled the halls of what Arthas planned to make his throne room, no longer even wondering if there was a chance of escape.

[char]Gavnel[/char] had sunk to the depths of despair when, one day, he heard a far off voice. It was a female voice, strong, yet fair. It stirred in his soul, making him slowly feel strength once more. That voice and its song made him feel the spirit to fight once more. The mystic and mental bonds that the Lich King held him with had been weakened from his years of inner rebellion. And now, with this renewal of strength, [char]Gavnel[/char]'s soul rose up in his body and made one more strike against his inner prison. This time, it succeeded; the bonds on his mind and spirit were shattered. Hesitantly, [char]Gavnel[/char] moved his hands, turned his head from one side to the next, seeing many of the other undead around him doing the same. The rogue's next move was to draw his daggers and plunge them into the nearest demon and rip its throat out.

[char]Gavnel[/char] emerged from the depths of Lordaeron's crypts to see a sight that made his soul stir; Sylvannas Windrunner, the legendary elf ranger, rallying the newly-freed undead into an attack on the dreadlords and their demonic legions. Filled with both new strength and unbridled fury, he hurled himself into the fight with the Scourge and unleashed all his pent-up rage in the massacre of the evil monsters that held Lordaeron.

Following the battle, [char]Gavnel[/char] found himself mentally exhausted. Separated from most of the other freed undead, he wandered off in a daze, his guilt and sorrow for what he had been forced to do resurfacing. His first thought was to try and seek atonement for what he'd done. Unfortunately, his ghoulish appearance horrified all the living that he came across. All his attempts to make contact with the living and beg forgiveness never made headway; every time he was driven off with screams and weapons. The few people that did wait to hear him make his first few pleas just called him a liar and tried to kill him...again. The final town he tried almost succeeded, beating [char]Gavnel[/char] to the brink of death again, hastily dumping him in a coffin and burying him in a crypt in what was to become Deathknell.

For a long time, [char]Gavnel[/char] simply lay in his coffin, reflecting on everything that had happened. He wept bitterly over the loss of his connection to the living, who hated him not only for what he unwillingly took part in, but for his very existence. Finally, after lengthy rumination and pondering, he came to several conclusions: his former life was lost, so he must try to make the best of this new existence. He was not entirely alone, and must try to join with the other freed undead.

Emerging from his coffin, [char]Gavnel[/char] set out to find out what had become of the other undead like him. He learned quickly of the Forsaken and their joining with the Horde. At first he was surprised that those who had been the enemies of humans in life would accept them now that they were dead, but [char]Gavnel[/char] wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. However, he soon found that things weren't quite as cheery as he'd hoped. He found the Horde, at large, tolerated the Forsaken, but to say they trusted and embraced them was going too far.  [char]Gavnel[/char] couldn't entirely blame them; going among his own kind, the rogue found many of the Forsaken had allowed their predicament to embitter them and become consumed with a hatred for all that lived and breathed.

Today, [char]Gavnel[/char] has still come to accept what he is and remains steadfast in the belief it doesn't determine who he is. The very fact the living races of the Horde are willing to respect their right to exist as a people gives him hope that someday all may recognize that not all Forsaken are monsters, only men and women who must cope with a heavy burden.

[char]Gavnel[/char] finds himself in a tough predicament, frustrated by the stand-offish attitudes by even those who call themselves the Forsaken's allies and frustrated as well by his own race's inclination towards blackness of heart. While he's unshakably loyal to his queen for helping him find his freedom, he still finds it unsettling that she too often seems consumed with melancholy and hardness of heart. Despite all this, he's determined to continue to make the best of his new existence by doing the good he was unable to in life.

Miscellaneous: [char]Gavnel[/char] is an oddity among his kind; whereas many Forsaken are bloodthirsty, melancholy, morbid, cruel, unforgiving and heartless, Gavnell strives to be calm, helpful, understanding, witty and courteous. His pleasant demeanor is hampered by his unnatural existence, of course, but he strives to overcome people's initial unease about him. He's also prone to making dry humor.

Despite this attitude, [char]Gavnel[/char] should not be considered weak or squeamish; he is still a Forsaken and a rogue. When his darker side is revealed it's unsettling. In a fight [char]Gavnel[/char] gives no quarter and doesn't have the slightest hesitation to make a killer blow. He seems to have no fear and complete confidence once he decides on a course of action.

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