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Lerossa (wowstead)

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re: Re: Caledra


I love the way you use words. :) Like a masterpiece, with each new stroke bringing something into the light.

Caledra (wowstead)

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re: Caledra


Name: [char]Caledra[/char] Noonsong

Nickname (if any): None that I'm aware of.

Gender: Female

Class: Death Knight

Physical Appearance: [char]Caledra[/char] is tall, standing at six feet, two inches. Her physical appearance isn't a large concern to her, only keeping her hair in a simple ponytail to avoid it getting in the way during combat. She's a dark tone of pale, indicative of dead skin in a moderate phase of rotting. Not much is visible while she's in her armor, but around Avalon, she doesn't wear it. At those times, plenty of scars and even open, unhealed wounds would be visible. If you ever get a look at her midriff (which would be extremely rare), she has a thick scar going all the way around her body. Her physique is wiry, a lithe figure made for war rather than appeal. Her eyes are a bit sunken into her skull, giving off the same pale blue hue as other Death Knights. In stark contrast to her physical presentation, her armor and weapons are always clean and sharp, free of blemishes and even the normal wear and tear of battle, making it obvious she spends far more time caring for her instruments of war rather than herself.

Ideology: When alive, she had the same magical addiction to Arcane magics as any other High Elf. Her ideology represented her culture; wary of outsiders to the point of distrust, and an integration of magic in the society. She did not worship nature, but held a great deal of respect for it, considering their beginnings. She took great care in making sure all of her surroundings were flawlessly integrated with the natural world.

In death, she maintains the distrust for other races, as well as a severe dislike for what has become of her people. She mildly respects their tenacity and will to survive, but dislikes their addiction to Fel, even with the Sunwell restored. She had no outright goals or even a world view before she joined with the Order, and has since adopted the collective world view; to see her people become strong and self reliant.

Brief History (or not so brief, your choice): She was a High Elf, being nearly one hundred years old when Arthas came to Quel'thalas. She was a healer, but she would be hesitant to call herself a priest. She wasn't aware of the real threat Arthas brought to her doorstep, thinking of him and his ilk as another form of Troll come to try and retake their lands. As Sylvanas left the city, she stood absolutely positive that this new threat would never even set foot in Silvermoon, let alone make it all the way to the Sunwell. When the Scourge burst through the gates, she joined her comrades in attempting to fight them off, to no avail. She met her untimely demise at the hand of a Scourge footsoldier, and was raised as a Death Knight some time after.

Miscellaneous: [char]Caledra[/char] is very impatient with people she doesn't know well. People she would consider friends get the exact opposite in seemingly endless patience. Much like any leader, she doesn't care for excuses, she only wants to see the task completed. She cares little for details she feels are 'below' her. She has a soft spot for Forsaken, knowing that in all she's lost, every Forsaken that walks Azeroth has lost a great deal more, and she struggles every day to make sure their efforts will not be in vain. She's extremely territorial with her home in Avalon, not allowing any of the soldiers of the Order anywhere near it, where she keeps on watch on planters filled with various vegetables, and to an extent, the chapel to the east. Having found a place to tie herself to, she would rather die than leave it behind.

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