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Hallion (wowstead)

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re: Hallion Genn Greymane


Name: Hallion Genn Greymane

Race: Forsaken (formerly human)

Gender: Female

Age: Irrelevant because of death; was apparently alive for the events of the second war.

Birthplace: Gilneas

Current Home: n/a

Physical Appearance: Her body is masterfully preserved; that is to say, it has suffered little rot. However, there are a series of deliberate, deep cuts on her limbs and face. Most notably, the lengthening of her mouth (by slicing open the cheeks), vertical cuts running from her eyes to her lips, and cuts along the now-empty veins of her arms. These cuts show black against her pale skin, having filled in with a black ichor. Like many other Forsaken, her head is wrapped in leather straps to keep everything in.

She wears ((When in her IC outfit)) a remarkably ornate armor set at almost all times; it is gold and ivory, inlaid with pearls, polished to gleam even in the faintest light, with some vivid blue lapis lazuli adorning the shoulders and belt. She also wears a cape that hangs to her ankles; bightly colored blue, gold and white silk.

Background: Hallion takes her surname from the Gilnean royal family, more specifically Genn Greymane himself. She admits to being only a very distant relation; the name is not even the one she should wear, instead being the maiden name of her mother. Nonetheless, Hallion swears up and down that she was born in, lived in, and fought for the nation of Gilneas up until her death only months ago. How it came to be that she left the xenophobic nation and became the undead being she is now, she is a little more than hesitant to say. If pressed, she will hint at some tragedy or unrest having taken place behind Greymane Wall, but will never be specific.

Upon coming to in her undeath, Hallion - having been a Paladin in life - sought the Light of the Argent Dawn, and ultimately joined the Argent Crusade in Icecrown. This was short-lived, though. Hallion left gore in her wake as she left the Crusade and headed south for the Undercity.

What she intends, and what motivations she possesses, are vivid questions for which she provides no answer. Instead, she carries with her only the blood of those Crusaders who persued her, and leaves behind her a trail of bodies that have suffered a ridiculous amount of mutilation.

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