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Jenasis (wowstead)

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re: Re: Identity Crisis


((Valish = Michael? If so thats great, but you may want to drop it into the guild chat conversation to be addressed as such. Like erm..Martin and Aruetii))

I am certain your heart was beating as you were battling General Peeks. I was there and saw your courage first hand. Even when the General called in reinforcements you stood your ground. You make me proud to be Forsaken. Its an honor to have you wear our tabard. Thankyou for the fun night of carnage!


Valisch (wowstead)

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re: Identity Crisis


First Name: Valisch
Last Name: (unknown)
Original Birth: (unknown)
Forsaken Birth: December 25
Original Hometown: (unknown)
Nickname: Val

Not much is known about the one they call Valisch's past before he was arisen as forsaken. But then again no one would care anyway. Since his rising very little has gone good for him. He has been trying to figure out exactly who he is but whenever hes close he falls up short. So instead of facing his problems he ran from them. He joined forces with the Lich King and the armies of the scourge. He thought his plan would work, but his problems followed him and they were stronger than ever. On top of that he had almost no time to try to cope with any of his problems due to his oath to the Lich King. Now faced with more and more problems and no way to deal with them, his mind and clear thought are quickly eroading. Occasionally youll catch what is to come once it fully eroads, the evil toughts in his head start to twist their way out into his reality. He wishes to soon break the Lich King's hold over him but he may end up failing. Although he is undead the pieces of his heart still beat occasionally, and his problems seem to dissappear but then his heart stops beating and he's is hit yet again with the full force of agony that curses him. If only he could find some way to make his heart beat all the time, everyday, then his pain might just dissappear. But then again...Mike's just not that lucky...

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